My Mission

 My mission is to produce an accurate and durable whip for the working cowboy at an affordable price.

My Products

Each cow whip made is composed of 550 or 650 nylon paracord. The thong is thoroughly soaked in paraffin wax. The wax helps to prevent water from being soaked into the thong. This gives my whips the weatherproofing desired by working cattlemen. The point of the thong is finished in a twisted tail. I can also end them in a traditional fall hitch if preferred by the customer.

My handles are composed of domestic or exotic hardwood. I custom make each handle with a unique hourglass shape. I can also add some branding on the handle to give it a personal touch. My handles are typically 16 inches long, but I can adjust for the customer’s personal preference. I make my own crackers out of Spiderwire Fishing line. This gives my crackers a long life with a sharp crack.